ARD~TYR Sketches


King Street
The Rock NSW 2655


0439 707 447


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ARD~TYR Sketches is a local artist that is able to sketch anything from photographs. Through their art they can bring you personalised and unique gifts for that special someone. They can present you with a very unique and special gift no matter who the recipient or what the occasion! Just provide them with a photograph of the subject and they will sketch it for you.

They are able to sketch anything you would like, examples include: people, places, cars, animals and landscapes. In any format you want, ranging from A5 size all the way to A1. There is also the option of adding colour and/or ink to your piece. In each and every sketch they put extra special attention and care into the details, making it perfect just like the original! Prices and format art ideas are available on their website and facebook page.